Gun-ota 141

Chapter 141 Chris, 14 Years Old “Shishigi hunting! Part 1 “

One day around noon, an adventurer came from the Adventurer’s Guild. It seemed that the quest was designated to Chris. The content of the request was placed at the guild and the client wanted to explain it directly. Therefore, the Adventurer Guild begged to come to my all means.

I was worried that Chris was nominated by name instead of the Peacemaker or the new Pure maiden Knights.

Luckily, Chris and I have only a simple office work in the afternoon. Just in case, if I set a condition that I should accompany her, she easily agreed.

Then, we promised to go to the Adventurer’s Guild in the afternoon. Let’s push the office work to Garma.

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

“But it’s rare … isn’t it the first time? It’s the first time to ask someone by name.”

[That’s right. What kind of quest is it?]

Chris and I walked side by side in uniform. She put up a mini blackboard and agreed.

This was the first time she had been nominated by name, even though she had taken orders for quests. What on earth would they ask Chris to do?

When we arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild the usual receptionist of the demon tribe received us. It seemed that the client was already waiting in a private room. Guided by her, we entered at the usual private room.

“Oh! I’ve been waiting for you!”

It was an old man who was waiting for us on the sofa. He had the head, ears, and tail peculiar of a beast-man. He had gray hair and wrinkles, but his legs and waist seemed to be firm. As soon as we showed up, he stood up and asked for a handshake. However, there were dark bags under the eyes. It was clear that he hadn’t slept for over a year.

When Chris and I shook hands, we sat on the sofa in front of the client.

The receptionist left us our cup of incense tea. Then, sat down on the lower seat so as not to get in the way. The client opened his mouth with that as a signal.

“Thank you for coming again. Normally, it is polite for me to go to your place, but I thought that it would be annoying if I pushed it suddenly. So, I contacted you through the Adventurer’s Guild. My name is Hatter and I’m a beast-man of the Tiger race. “

“I’m Lute Gunsmith, the representative of Peace Maker.”

[I am Chris Gunsmith, his wife.]

First, we exchanged greetings with each other. After that, Hatter began to talk about the request with an urgent expression.

“Actually, my granddaughter has a rare and strange disease called ‘Shishigi’.”

“Shishigi disease” is a disease in which blue feather-like bruises appear on the whole body and the patient dies within one year. Most people do not get this disease. It is a rare disease that one person appears in the world once every several hundred years.

However, in a sense, it seems that it is easy, for a strange disease, to cure “Shishigi”. All you must do is eat the meat of a bird called Shishigi.

The problem is that the bird called Shishigi is small and flies in a zigzag, which makes it difficult to kill. Furthermore, if you do not blow off its head and kill it in a single blow, the flesh will deteriorate, and it will not be possible to cure “Shishigi disease”. Therefore, traps cannot be used.
Magical attacks also affect the flesh and deteriorated it, so it cannot be used. They are highly vigilant and cannot be approached by any creature. Therefore, it is impossible to approach and catch them with swords and spears.

The only way is to destroy the head with a single blow with a bow or a throw and kill it.

Therefore, it seems that archers who can catch Shishigi will be treated as top-notch. However, there are not many such people, and even if there are, a large amount of compensation is required. It is not the amount of money that can be paid by Hatter, who is ordinary people.

He asked for payment in installments, but he was bluntly refused.

When he was at a loss, adventurers and hunters approached him saying, “I can catch Shishigi”, but of course they couldn’t catch it, and was tricked out of his money. Also, some of the hired adventurers pretended to bring “shishigi meat” and brought ordinary chicken.

Hatter shed tears as he said he wasted his time and money, even though he thought he was clinging to the last straw.

“And when I consulted with the Adventurer’s Guild, I heard the story of the Peacemaker and Chris.”

Chris, who was not a magician, shot through the eyes of a flying twin dragon and destroyed its head from the inside. According to him, a basilisk with an evil eye of petrification was shot through the eyes and destroyed the head from the inside before entering its range.

It seems that he was taught that Chris is one of the leading bow users.

No, it’s not a bow, is a Sniper rifle but…

Before making corrections, Hatter rubs his forehead against the table and pleads.

“My daughter has already passed away and the only one I can call family is my granddaughter! For that child, I could give my small but total fortune! I’m willing to give my life! So please help me! I’ll give you everything you want, and I can give! If you think you don’t have enough rewards, it will take some time, but I’ll definitely pay the promised amount! So please!”

I see … If my only relative, my granddaughter, is about to run out of life, the bags under my eyes will also thicken with anxiety.

Before I opened my mouth, Chris stood up and bypassed the table. Walked up to the side of Hatter and gently clasped his hand.

“I’ll take it. Please leave it to me.”

“Oh, thank you…! Thank you!”

Hatter squeezed Chris’s hands and shed tears.

She turned her gaze to me and said, “was it okay to accept?” “I think it’s a good idea,” I said. Of course, there is no reason to refuse. Peacemaker philosophy “Save those in need and those who seek help”. This request can be said to be exactly the principle.

Therefore, she added to Hatter, “It doesn’t matter if you can pay the reward”. Again, he burst into tears.

After confirming that we are satisfied, the receptionist takes out the paper.

“Then it’s okay to accept the quest, right?”


“Will you order the quest from the peacemaker?”

I received the quest as a Legion and asked Hatter to give me a detailed explanation about Shishigi.

Shishigi is a sensitive bird, and it seems that if many people rush in, it will immediately fly away. If that happens, it is impossible to find out. Therefore, it seems that Shishigi hunting is done by one person and at most two people.

If so, after receiving the quest, Chris and I decided to go hunting for Shishigi.

Also, I received a detailed explanation about “Shishigi” from the receptionist and Hatter and made notes of what seemed to be necessary.

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

When we received the quest order, we returned to the headquarters for preparation. Hatter bowed his head over and over again seeing us off.

“Thank you, thank you! I will never forget this kindness!”

“No, I haven’t succeeded yet. So, I’ll hurry up and head for the ‘Shishigi’ hunt.”

“Yes! Thank you!”

Chris and I started walking toward the headquarters. Hatter kept bowing until we disappeared.

After returning to the headquarters, Chris and I had a meeting about preparations.

“I’m glad the forest is within a day by carriage from here.”

Shishigi did not have a nest. It seemed to be moving in the forest of the beast-man continent. This time I was lucky enough that there was sighting information in a nearby forest. If we missed this, we would have to search for prey from scratch again.
“Let’s borrow the Knight’s carriage. We’ll finish the equipment and food arrangements today and leave tomorrow morning, but is Chris okay?”

[It’s okay.]

“I’m glad I don’t have a lot of work this week. It’s going to be a quest without any hindrance to my work.”

[But don’t you have office work?]

“It’s okay, I’ll ask Advisor Garma for office work.”

He had various loans for the Magician Killer case. He must bear this much work burden.

[Even if it is work, I’m glad to be able to go on a horse-drawn carriage trip alone with Onii-chan.]

Chris shyly dyed her ears red and insisted while hiding her mouth with the mini blackboard.

[Can you spoil me during the trip?]

“Of course! Rather, it’s okay to spoil you right now, not just during the trip. How about in bed tonight?”

[Onii-chan is naughty…]

But she continued.


“All right, I’m in charge!”
Chris wrote the letters of consent on the mini-blackboard, shy enough to rise smoke from her head.

We would leave early in the morning, so it’s not good to do too much, but I was wondering if I can control my reason.

“Wait a minute.”

While we walked flirting, several men stood in front of us. The man who seemed to be the leader stepped forward.

He was about two meters tall. He had a beard and chest hair. There was a scar on the cheek that seemed to be a demon’s claw.

If I met him during the trip, I would think he was a bandit or a thief and would give the firing order.

The man cut out.

“I’m from the Pawk race. Adventurer, Level IV. You guys are Peacemakers, aren’t you?” [TN Don’t get the race right パウック]

“… Yes, but what is it?”

Pawk put out a tag, telling the adventurer level. I was cautious and took a standing position protecting Chris. I relaxed my right arm so that I could always get out the revolver hanging from my waist.

“You just received a “Shishigi Hunting” quest from the Adventurer’s Guild, didn’t you? If you get a Shishigi, why don’t you sell it to me? I’ll double the reward.”

Rainy day negotiations.

“Well, do you have any relatives or relatives who have ‘Shishigi disease’ in Pawk-san?”

“No, it’s that unlucky guy who gets thunder in the clear sky with ‘Shishigi’s disease’. But the fresh meat that is effective for ‘Shishigi’s disease’ seems to be so delicious that it’s hard to believe it’s of this world. It’s being traded. If you handle it with a route I know, it will easily exceed the reward. How is it, can you surely catch the Shishigi?

Stupid guys … talking about money when people’s lives were at stake. It seemed foolish to deal with it.

“I’m sorry, but I received a request from Hatter first.”

“No, no, failure to make a request is a daily occurrence for adventurers, isn’t it? “

“The name of the peacemaker will not be damaged.”

There was no common ground, so I refused it. The other person distorted his expression.

“You will regret it …”

It changed from the kind and friendly attitude that I mentioned earlier to something that had a violent atmosphere.

But that’s just their death flag.

When Pawk spitted, they turned their backs and disappeared into the crowd.

This one was getting a little burnt.

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